Minutes of Parents of Class IX, Management Council and Academic Staff Meeting


 Minutes of Parents of Class IX, Management Council and

Academic Staff Meeting held on 11th Feb 2017


1. Parent’s meeting for Class IX & XI was organised on 11th Feb 2017 at Carriappa Hall. A total of 36 parents were present at the time of meeting. The issues discussed and decisions arrived, at are elucidated in succeeding paragraphs.


2. Information about Tuition classes. It was intimated that tutorials for upcoming Class X is planned for the subjects mathematics and science, including test series for each subject. Tuitions classes will start from 6th Mar – 24th Mar for Class IX revision and thereafter it will continue after reopening of school. The tuition fee is Rs 10,000 which should be deposited at the time of reopening of school. 

3. Discipline. Commandant informed the Class XI discipline is better than Class IX. Commandant emphasized on discipline of cadets for better academic environment which leads to better results. 

4. Late reporting from Outpass. Commandant informed that Class XI is not reporting in time and because of this there is a loss in academic time. After Annual Day outpass, nearly 60 cadets from Class XI reported late. He requested the parents to ensure that their wards report back on time. 

5. Academic Performance. Academic performance of Class IX & XI is not satisfactory. He asked the parents to impress upon their wards to pay adequate attention towards studies. 

6. Upcoming Class XII. The Commandant informed the parents that Class XII syllabus will commence from 16th Mar 17 onwards and we aim to complete nearly 30% syllabus before the cadets proceed on summer vacation on 30th Apr 17. 

7. NDA Programme. Commandant informed that NDA classes for Class XI has been started from 6th Oct 2016. Nearly 46 hours of teaching and two mock tests have been conducted so far.

8. After Commandant’s address, question were invited from the parents. Parents had queries about change of board proposed to the school, from state board to CBSC. Commandant assured them that if there would be any such change by Maharashtra state government, adequate time and training will be provided. 

9. Parents also asked about conduct of NDA classes for Class XI, and availability of study material. Commandant informed that NDA classes for Class XI had been started from 6th Oct 2016 and are conducted regular and weekend plans. Photocopies of study material for the same is under process and will be distributed soon. 

10. Parents of Class IX showed concern about performance of cadets in Sanskrit subject compared to other subjects. Commandant assured parents that necessary steps will be taken. 

11. Class XI parent, enquired about SMS regarding exam results. Commandant informed that all necessary details are mentioned in the School Conspectus which is provided to all parents at the time of admission of the cadet. The parents also insisted Biology should be optional subject for Class XI and Class XII. The Comdt stated that the issue is beound the purview of the school authorities. 

12. There being no further, the commandant declared the meeting closed.

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