Under the Maharashtra State NCC Directorate, the Nagpur group Headquarter of NCC has alloted half troop of 50 cadets (JD) Air Wing to the school from the session 2011-2012. School also has half troop of 50 cadets (JD) Army Wing since 2003-2004.The NCC provides opportunities to the cadets for their all round personality development, sense of duty, commitment, dedication, discipline & moral values so that they become able leaders & useful citizens.

NCC provides exposure to the cadets in wide a range of activities, with a distinct emphasis on social service, discipline & adventure training.

With the motto 'Unity and Discipline', the cadets will learn the importance of discipline, secular outlook, spirit of adventure & the ideals of selfless service. The different activities in NCC enable cadets to develop their personality and acquire leadership qualities. NCC provides a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.

The school has a broad vision for the cadets, hence the opportunities are given to them to join NCC & thus motivate them to work for society as well as nation.

Bhonsla Military School