Moral Education

Effect of western cultural invasion on our youngsters is well known to us. The only way to safeguard our cultural heritage is to strengthen the Moral fibre of our youngsters. Keeping this in view we have accorded top priority to education on character building. Character is the ideal dress code of the mind and mind makes the man. Character building is our top priority. We teach our cadets about Indian civilization, its rich cultural heritage, the pantheon of great personalities/patriots who built this great nation, enabling them to build a strong unblemished character through conducive activities. Early to bed and early to rise, that's the way to be happy and wise. Cadets get up well before sunrise and participate in a mass prayer to begin their day.

Some of the major activities being carried out under this are as follows.

a.   Traditional Indian festivals and national Days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Vijayadashmi, Ganesh Utsav etc. are celebrated with gusto and enthusiasm to offset the effects of westernized system of celebrating Valentine Day, Friendship Day, Fathers and Mothers Day etc.

b.   Knowledge of our rich culture and heritage, promoting the spirit of unity in diversity and love for motherland are the hallmarks of Moral Education being imparted.

c.   A written examination in Moral Education is conducted for each class. It has been made compulsory to pass in the Moral Education Examination.

Bhonsla Military School