From the Desk of Commandant


 Col J S Bhandari (Retd)

 It gives me immense pride and pleasure to write from the Commandant’s desk of the prestigious Bhonsala Military School Nagpur. I salute my predecessors and the management team of yester years for the dedicated efforts in grooming this institution to its premium status of today.

The focal point of any educational institute is the student. The onerous responsibility of ‘schooling’ which a encompasses within itself, educational, moral, cultural and behavioral development solely rests on the staff of the institution. Thus, we who have chosen to be part of the faculty, have to synergies all our energies towards achieving this goal.

In the contemporary era, while academic excellence continues to be of foremost importance, the development of soft skills and personality has gained equal ascendancy. The youngster of today is faced with multiple challenges. They have to be prepared to have a competitive edge over their peers so as to enable them to carve a niche for themselves. The task of today’s ‘shikshak’ is thus daunting.

As a military school, we have to maintain the sanctity of this word ‘Military’; as Indian Armed Forces are considered one of the best in the world. We thus have no option but to raise the bar of standards of excellence in the field of ‘schooling’. We are not only answerable to the great visionary Dr B S Moonje, who gave us this institution but also to the nation who demands our services in making of tomorrow’s India.

The beauty of an academic institute is that no matter how much effort you put in, there is always a scope to do more. Also, it is a field where everything in transitional and one can never rest on ones achievements. I am sanguine that ‘Team Bhonsala’ ; of which cadet are an integral part is well equipped and well poised to achieve the goals unmindful of challenges that may come in our way - a path on which, I invite all our parents, and well wisher to join.

Jai Hind 

Bhonsla Military School